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Women Seeking Men: Be Careful What You Wish For
Thursday, January 19th, 2012

You found the guy of your dreams and you’ve been dating monogamously for six months, and haven’t been able to women seeking keep your hands off each other. But you’re beginning to notice that the halo you forced him to wear seems find single slightly tarnished, and you can’t figure out why the energy seems to be slowly draining from what appeared to be the perfect relationship. Did you pick the wrong guy? Not necessarily.

Nearly all relationships, especially women seeking once they hit the six month mark, begin to show some wear and tear. That’s mostly because the initial sexual excitement has diminished enough for you to begin noticing the flaws that were always women seeking there, but that you chose to ignore. Perhaps the most noticeable flaw is a lack of emotional intimacy between you. You both say I love you a lot, but that’s becoming burdensome and repetitive, and doesn’t have the emotional clout it did the first time it was uttered.

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Where are the emotions that you thought were behind all those affirmations of love? They’re in there, but you’re going to women seeking have to get out your relationship shovel and do some digging. Most important is not to panic or think that single sites the relationship is going to end badly. While that may be true, it’s just as likely a communication problem, and not necessarily terminal.

This is when the hard work that everyone always told you is a part of relationships, actually begins. This is where the relationship rubber meets women seeking the road, when the sexual heat begins to fade. There are two choices, and the first is foolish, just end the relationship and get out there on the teen dating scene again. The second, and far more enlightened, evolved choice, is to begin having an emotional dialogue.

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That doesn’t necessarily include more I love you affirmations, and in fact, those easy words often get in the way women seeking of the work you are going to need to do together. Emotional dialogue means that when you ask each women seeking men tonight other, “How do you feel about moving our relationship to the next level”? Both of your responses are emotional ones that begin with the words, I feel, instead of I think.

While men frequently find these conversations difficult in terms of feeling safe enough to share their feelings, men are eminently capable. Most just need a bit of practice. The carrot you can offer that will make it worthwhile to him, is that you will know what he wants or needs if he’s able to tell you how he’s feeling about it. This is what deepening women seeking emotional intimacy is all about.

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