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Sexual Assault Avoidance Tips
Friday, July 13th, 2012

Sexual assault has widely increased in numbers and many of those remain unreported that even staggers number of women and girls lives affected by that. Of course it affects individuals’ life but still the question is for public. Even researches show that 20% of clinical depression in sexy single is because of sexual abuse and the majority of the 80% have eating disorder having root cause of sexual trauma.

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Sexy Single Requires Power to Fight against Sexual Assault

To prevent all these activities it is very important to empower, educate and support the victims, sexy single and other people because it not only affects victim but family, coworkers and other people as well. Here are the certain tips that women can use when they are on target of getting sexually assault.

Sexy Single Safety Tips against Sexual Assault

If sexy single get attacked then elbow is the strongest part of the body so use it as the weapon. If any robber attacks asking for your purse then instead of handing it, throw it into other direction and run to it like crazy, scream at the loudest voice and if no one around then hold your hands in stop positions like you are backing away. If someone jumps in your car showing you gun then use the gas pedal to speed up and jump out and run when car hits as the air bag can save you and if you are being followed then run towards public place or call emergency helpline.

Sexy Single Should Remove the Nuances of Sexual Assault

We all have our inner voices that warn and prompt us if something is not right and if so then try to be away from that area. Sexual assault is about power, anger, control and the feeling of inadequacy on the part of offender. If sexy single are forcefully thrown towards sexual abuse or any sexual situations and there is inequity of power then as a community everyone should get together to fight against that and speed up criminal charges. Not only sexy single victims should fight but everyone should take a part to remove those nuances creating sexual abuse.


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